Budgies update

I always take a photo of the birdcage before I leave the house for an extended trip. The photo reassures me that the birdcage is closed, the water bottle is full, the lights are off (so birds can sleep at night), and the curtains are opened (for as much daylight as possible). I also leave the house feeling some level of guilt leaving the birds on their own for a few days. Sometimes I add a few chew toys to keep them busy. So far the birds have been ok.

I used to get a petsitter to come by, feed and check on them, but it has not always been easy to hire a sitter. So for the last 2 years I’ve asked my colleagues to drop by. My main worry is that the birds do not know how to dig deep into their food cup, bypass all the husks at the top to get to the seeds at the bottom. I’m kind of the problem when I would sift and scoop away all the husks daily so that the birds won’t have to do much work. However I’ve come back from trips to find the food cups with a lot of husks, meaning when the birds are hungry they will dig deep to find the seeds.

One way to solve this problem of spoilt-birds-don’t-know-how-to-dig-for-seeds is to convert the birds to a pellet diet. With pellets, they will not run out of food, and since there are no husks, a tablespoon of pellets is really much more food compared to a tablespoon of seeds. Pellets are also more nutritious.

I recently bought a bag of Roudybush Daily Maintenance pellets (mini size). I wanted the smaller pellets, either crumbles or nibbles, unfortunately I couldn’t find those anywhere. I couldn’t even buy from amazon because they won’t ship that to here. So I gave the mini pellets several whirls in the blender to break them up a bit.

I’ve managed to “force” the budgies to eat the pellets. I leave pellets in their food cups for the whole day. They only get some seeds in the evening during dinner time. They really love the bird seeds. On the first few days of this transition they hardly ate any pellets during the day. When I put in the food cups with the seeds in the evening, they get super excited. One time Maxx was so excited and hungry, he lost his balance standing on the edge of the food cup and fell inside the cup of seeds! He’s too adorable.

I can see that both Maxx and Marshall would eat the pellets now but if they had a choice, they would eat only seeds all the time.

I got Maxx on 19 June 2013 and Marshall on 19 June 2016. Happy belated birthday, my budgie babies!