Dubai (Day One)

It’s almost end of March and I have yet to post anything here this month.

I was in the Gulf Countries or Cities of Dubai, Doha, and Bahrain from 10-20 March 2016. I came back a week ago, last Sunday, but it feels like ages ago. I still haven’t unpacked my luggage bags yet!

I don’t even know how to document my trip here. I saw and experienced so many things. I posted quite a few photos on FB. But there’s just a bit too much to write up. Maybe I’ll start with Day One in Dubai.

Marcelita and I went to a Persian & International buffet restaurant that’s about 10 minutes from the Hyatt Place Baniyas Park. Here is a photo of the hotel.

Hyatt Place Baniyas

The restaurant, Apple Creek Cafe and Restaurant, was located inside a small shopping mall within the Twin Towers. This is the not so glitzy part of Dubai.

The food was pretty good. The meal came up to AED100 (S$38) each. It would have been cheaper if I didn’t blur-blur take a bottle of Perrier water and a bottle of yogurt mint drink! Those were not included in the AED80 dinner buffet.

The view of the Dubai Creek was excellent. The environment, a little smoky because the people around were hookah shisha smoking.



The waiter even brought the mini flags of Argentina and Malaysia when Marcelita requested for them. We had a good time of catching up. The weather was surprisingly chilly and cloudy that night.

When we were leaving the mall, we noticed all the shops selling fur coats! Fur coats in the Middle-East, how odd, or not 🙂 Anyway, a great beginning to my Middle East tour!

One last thought: Would the Arab Muslim ladies wear the fur coats over or under their black abayas? 🙂