Battling to write …

Journal articles

Hmmmm, not much has changed. Look at the photos of my writing desk in the following posts.

October 2006: Working on my qualifying project paper

February 2007: Received feedback on qualifying project paper. I think I did not meet the deadline that I stated in the October 2006 post. That’s why still working on this paper in Feb 2007.

April 2007: Working on the first draft of my dissertation proposal.

June 2008: Completed the first draft of my dissertation proposal. This is just the proposal. I completed my dissertation on 15 April 2010, two years after proposal was completed.

As a graduate student, I struggled to write. As an assistant professor, I still struggle to write. I’ve gained some writing skills during the many rounds of revisions I did on my dissertation. I’ve also gained some writing skills from having to examine my graduate students’ papers. But it is still very hard work. Not physically, but mentally. I’m constantly battling procrastination and self-doubt.

Chasing a grant deadline now. Got to convince grantors that my proposed study is important and significant and worthy of the $99K that I’m asking from them to conduct this study.

School is out!


The hard work begins. Academic writing 🙁

1. Council of Exceptional Children 2016 proposals due 22 June 2015. I’m submitting 2 proposals for this round.
2. University grant call due 1 July 2015. I’m revising a grant proposal and resubmitting it.
3. One manuscript that’s been rejected so many times. Got to revise that and submit it somewhere by mid-July 2015.
4. Master student’s dissertation. Good study but have to work on that and must submit by end-July 2015.
5. A chapter on Transition for colleague’s book. Way overdue. Maybe can get a rough draft done by end-July 2015.
6. A manuscript in collaboration with a Fulbright scholar. End-July 2015 maybe? Maybe not.