iMovie – I’ve missed you

It’s been such a long long time since I worked on an iMovie video. During that long hiatus, iMovie ’08, ’09 and ’11 flew by, and by the time I caught up it’s iMovie 10.0 now. And the iMovie ’11 Missing Manual that I bought 2 years ago is obsolete.

I used my Canon Vixia HD video camera during my trip to Beijing in May 2012. Good decision? Bad decision! A handheld video camera in the hands of a beginner is a bad idea. Came back with “Blair Witch Project” motion sickness inducing videos. But I knew my mom and dad would like to see those videos. I gave all the raw videos to my dad and I think he actually would watch them 😛

Anyway spent most of last Saturday editing the 2-hour video of my trip to Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City to a 12-minute video. Took out all the vomit-inducing clips and spent minimal time trying to make it “beautiful” or coherent audio-wise. But I did have to re-upload the video several times to youtube because I spelled Tiananmen wrongly. It’s not Tiannamen.

My ideal job should include some imovie-making.

Perhaps this year forward I will move towards “Do what I love, love what I do.”

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