Nakajima Suisan

When you are new to a place you will need to go out, try, and discover new favorite things because many of the old favorites are no longer within reach.

I’ve been trying out restaurants in Singapore. Reading reviews and blogs and then trying out the place. A new favorite in the Orchard area is Nakajima Suisan at Takashimaya Food Hall. It’s a japanese grilled fish restaurant.

Gindara Teriyaki Set

During my first trip, I tried their Gindara Teriyaki set. Gindara = cod fish. The meal was very satisfying. The fish was buttery and the teriyaki sauce was good. The portion size was just nice so I left the restaurant happy 🙂

Meiro Saikyo Set

On my second trip, I tried the Meiro Saikyo set. Meiro = Patagonian toothfish. This fish wasn’t covered in any sauce but I think they marinated or coated it with something before grilling – very tasty. Another just nice healthy meal.

Definitely a place to take mom and dad the next time they visit.