Big cage, small cage

Big cage

Here is the budgies’ new living arrangement: upgraded double-storey large vision cage. Initially I was afraid the falls of the high perches will be pretty bad for TJ since he can’t fly well, but both budgies have survived many falls. One time TJ even fell off from the top of the cage, he went down the back of the cage all the way to the floor. He seemed ok after the fall.

Sunbathing cage

Here is their sunbathing cage. The budgies look really big in this small cage. Easier for me to transport to their sunbathing window. Easier for me to spritz them for their occasional shower in the bathroom. But I have to catch them and put them in this cage. They’ve never ventured in there on their own.

Maxx the green budgie


This is Maxx or more affectionately know as Maxxie. I think Maxxie is female. She’s the stockier budgie among the two.

Maxx used to be the more active and adventurous one but now she’s definitely the more cautious budgie. She would eagerly eat from my hand when she’s in her cage but it takes a lot of patience to get her to step up on my finger when she’s outside her cage. I can see that she really wants the spray millet but she’s also super cautious and doesn’t give in easily. When I offer her a piece of vege she would usually run away but when she sees TJ taking a bite, she would quickly join in the feast. She’s more predictable and stable compared to TJ. Maxx loves to eat 🙂


Maxx is also very flexible and loves to do her adorable Spider-Maxx move.


Maxx normally does not get too excited about her daily baths. She may drink a bit of water and hang around the bath and usually does not get wet. Today for some reason she took a major bath and came out looking like this!


TJ the blue budgie


Here is TJ’s passport photo. Unfortunately TJ does not have a passport so travelling between Malaysia and Singapore is almost impossible.

TJ is a runner budgie. His wings are slightly abnormal so he’s not able to fly but he is still unconvinced and will try to fly whenever given a chance. After watching him fall ungracefully multiple times, I’ve resorted to placing the cage on the floor before allowing them out for their daily escapade around the living room.


TJ used to be quiet and timid. I thought then that he would be the easier one to train. But he’s soon learned some tricks from Maxx and is getting more aggressive. TJ is quite unstable – he would peck at my finger or at Maxx unexpectedly. Even though he’s the skinny one, he would pick fights with Maxx.


Even with his peckish behaviour, TJ is also the one who would let me touch his belly. Sometimes he would beak wrestle with my finger. Thankfully his bites are not painful. TJ is also the one that would readily step up on my finger when he’s offered a spray millet. He would do so even when he’s outside his comfort zone cage. When I offer him a piece of vege with my hand, TJ would usually give it a small bite.


Introducing TJ and Maxx


I bought my budgie companions on 19 June 2013. It was a hazy day, just two days before Singapore was hit with the worst ever haze (PSI 400).

According to the bird shop employee then, TJ and Maxx were about 3-months old, so they should be close to 5 months old now. TJ is the blue budgie, and Maxx, the yellow-green budgie. When I first got them, TJ was the timid and quiet one. TJ refused to come out of its small carrier cardboard box. Maxx, on the other hand, was eager to burst out of the box. Maxx was the active budgie. As they mature, their personalities have changed slightly. More stories to come….