Duhville has moved to Singapore

Duhville has left Texas … the state of extremely hot summers, crazy springtime weather, hailstorm, tornado sirens, endless horizon …

And moved to Singapore … the city of endless summers, rainstorms that will cause massive traffic jams, storm warning sirens, horizon covered with HDB flats …

Singapore is like this photo – orderly, neat, and manicured.
Singapore is unlike this photo – people are everywhere.

Crowds lining up outside every single restaurants at every single shopping malls. Crowds like sardines packed in sweat in the MRT trains and buses.

Large crowds shuffle down the escalator and out the MRT stations. I call this the “Singapore Shuffle”.

It’s quite amazing to observe the two crowds on the opposite side of a pedestrian crossing in Orchard Road come head on as soon as the green-man comes on. You would think that somebody is going to get hurt, but like a school of fish that would move in unison with such grace, these two crowds would just merge together and then separate and then each would go on their own way.

Everyone is together in a small space but each in their own digital world.

iPhones/iPads, smartphones, and other time-passing digital devices dominate life here. I would estimate that 80% of people in the MRT trains are on some-sort of digital device.

Singapore is neat and messy. It’s ironic 🙂

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