Yes, it does snow in Texas!

And when it snows in Texas, the snow and ice just stay put until the “warm” or above freezing weather melts it all away. Unlike PennDOT (Pennsylvania Dept of Transportation) that plows and salts the roads during and after a snowstorm, TxDOT (Texas Dept of Transportation) only spreads sand on top of the snow and ice.

Needless to say, the big ice and snowstorm (plus many days of freezing cold temperature) of February 2011 caused everything to come to a halt. Schools closed for many days. The news said it was a once-in-20-years event. And I was here to experience it. I actually did enjoy the “time off” from work 🙂

Looking through my Pennsylvanian eyes, the snow and ice weren’t really that bad at all. The bad thing is that the people here don’t have the right equipment to deal with the snow. Me including! I had to use my swiffer mop thing to get rid of some of the snow from my balcony.

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