Car audio update

I tried to remove the car radio player following some instructions I found online 😛

– I cut 1cm wide x 2 inch long strips from an old plastic reward card.
– Pushed 2 strips into 2 slots in the player, pushed and pushed but the player refused to pop out.
– I give up. I’m putting aside this need to do something about the radio player till next year.

I’ve decided that silent driving may be a good thing for me. I’m constantly bombarded by media: the tv while I cook and eat, the iPod while I run, the macbook while I work. Some silence is good for my soul, my spirit and my ears.

Running update

Once upon a time, I faithfully followed the 13-week walk/run program but somehow I slacked off when I reached week 9’s running schedule. Maybe it’s the longer running schedule, maybe it’s the weather, maybe I just got tired of it, or maybe I saw week 10’s schedule (run 30 min: walk 1 min, repeat once) and got scared 🙂 Well, I started week 9 again this week and I’m determined to complete the 13 week program this time.

There’s a lot of this langsat- or mini manggo-like fruits in some spots around the trail. I call them ankle busters….got to be very careful when running through this maze of ankle busters. I stumbled over them once or twice (almost twisted my ankle) and I’ve seen it happened to other runners too.

Supporting the local economy

I seldom buy books from local bookstores, preferring to buy cheaper new or used books from online stores. Actually, I rarely buy books, I prefer to borrow from the library or do an inter-library loan. But last Saturday, I decided to go to the local christian bookstore to get a copy of The Apologetics Study Bible. I checked online and it cost $26.40 from I was about to get it from Amazon but the free super saver shipping takes around 2 weeks. I realize how Americanized I’ve become when I cannot wait 2 weeks to get something…I want it now, I want it in an instant! The same book cost $39.90 at the bookstore and with their 60th anniversary sale (20% discount) and a 6% sales tax, I paid $33.90 for the book. I contributed $7.50 to the local christian bookstore economy! I can see how difficult it must be for them to compete with Amazon, Walmart etc, but I definitely won’t do this often, I prefer to contribute to my pocket economy.


My race thoughts:

Starting line: This is so exciting!

1km: Cannot walk now, everyone’s still running.

1mile: I’m already a little pooped now. I don’t know how I can sustain this. I so want to stop running and walk now but everyone’s still running.

Half way point: Why did I sign up for this??!! I should have signed up for the competitive walk instead. I can’t believe I still have 2.5km to go. I don’t know if I can keep on running. I am so out of breath. OK, I don’t care if everyone’s still running, I have to stop running and walk a little bit now. Oh no…so many people are passing me now.

2mile (water break): 1 more mile to go. Cannot look behind, must move on. 25:11, OK, I think I can run under 40minutes if I keep this up. I’m so tired. I’m so out of breath. I’m running so slow. Oh no, I see a hill.

Small hill: No way I can run up this hill. I’m going to walk up this hill.

Another hill: What another hill! I’m going to walk up and then run down the hill.

400m to go: OK, just keep on running now, don’t walk.

200m to go: Keep on running, don’t walk.

Saw the clock: Whoa! I can get under 39 mins. Better run as fast as I can now.

Finish line: Water! I need water! Where’s the water?!

15 minutes later: I’m so glad I did this! 🙂

My best time(s) ever!

According to the different timing devices, I finished the race in different times. Here are my times (most accurate to least accurate):
1. Ankle timing band chip: 37:09 (Chip gets activated when I pass the starting line and time is recorded when I pass the finish line)
2. Gun time: 37:52 (I was way back together with other 10min/mile ladies, so when the gun went off, we were basically still standing around till the fast people unfront ran off, and slowly slowly we could start running. That’s the reason the guntime is usually slower than chip time for majority of people)
3. My timex watch: 37:08 (pretty accurate)
4. My ipod+nike: 37:53

And the number is…..903!

I went to the Race Expo today to get the race shirt, bib and the ankle timing band. I’ve never had to wear an ankle band before, so I guess this race is slightly bigger deal than my previous races. The ankle band has a chip in it that gets scanned when I pass the finish line for my official race time. And no, I don’t get to keep it after the race. If lost, I’ll have to pay a $25 lost-replacement fee.

There’s a place on the bib for race dedications. Instead of leaving it blank, I thought I might as well dedicate the race to someone, so I dedicate this race to my aunt (3-2-ma) and my mom.