Asian groceries


Here’s what I bought today at the Asian store:

Extra firm tofu (3 blocks) – $0.89 each
Firm tofu (3 blocks) – $0.89 each
Jasmine rice (10lb) – $7.99
Brown Jasmine rice (5lb) – $3.99
Canton noodle – $0.99
Kimchi ramen – $0.85
Maggi chili sauce – $1.99
Red miso paste – $4.99

Then I drove to the Giant grocery store and bought:

Diet Pepsi (12 can pack) – $2.75
Oat Bran bread – $2.50
Chickpea (2 cans) – $0.49 each
Dried green split pea – $0.49
Bananas (5) – $1.23
Tempeh – $1.99
Frozen cut green beans – $0.99
Frozen brussel sprouts – $1.15

Overall, the list looks quite healthy 🙂

Far East Oriental Market

Far East Oriental Market

This is the only Asian/Chinese grocery store in the area. I’ve been told the boss is a Malaysian but I’ve not heard any Malaysian chinese dialect or accent from the few people who works there. The stuff are slightly more expensive and less fresh than the big Korean market an hour away from here. I contemplated making the long drive to the nicer store but decided I don’t really want to drive so far for tofu that’s maybe 10 cents cheaper.

Peanut butter pie

Peanut butter pie

I made this peanut butter pie last night. I found the recipe from a vegetarian cooking site. Here’s the recipe:

16 oz. soft tofu
1 cup creamy peanut butter
3/4 cup sugar
2 Tbsp. soy milk
2 tsp. vanilla extract
1/2 cup vegan chocolate chips
1 unbleached, 9-inch chocolate crust, chilled
Combine all the filling ingredients in a food processor or blender and blend until smooth. Fold in the chocolate chips. Spoon into the pie shell.
Refrigerate at least 2 hours and serve with vegan whipped cream and non-dairy ice cream.

It actually tastes pretty good but doesn’t look as good.

Mid-September updates

This evening, the department of special education had its once a year, professors bring the students out for appetizers and drinks social outing. We went to Starters, a sports bar, with lots of sports memorabilia and giant TV screens showing college football and other games. No cheap drinks for me since it’s only once a year the profs take us out so I had an oreo milkshake, next year I’ll have a martini 🙂 Besides drinks, we get platters of appetizers to share: buffalo wings, fried calamari (love it), spinach and artichoke dip with fried pita bread, cheese and chicken quesadilla, thai egg rolls, and hummus platter. The waitress was doing the timeless “please get out of here quickly so that I can open these 3 tables for more people and get more tips” trick by quickly clearing all the dirty dishes. And this really annoyed the profs who kept telling her, “No, we’re not done with the calamari yet.”

Actually, the professors do take the students out for food when we are away at conferences. But not all meals with professors are free, I’ve learned that if everyone at the table is the professor’s advisees or work in her research grants, then most probably it’s free. But if you have a number of students working on different grants with different profs, then the lone professor would not willingly pay for everyone. But sometimes poor graduate students can look so pathetically horrified when they realized that they ate a $30 meal each and when the professor gets the bill and says, “So how are we going to split this?” that the professor inevitably ends up paying for them. I’ve learned my lesson.

I found out tonight that a fellow doctoral student, Yuan (the girl who gave me the Beijing Nini soft toy), has taken a one-year’s leave of absence from the program because her mom is ill back in China. My friend probably has other things going on in her life, in other words life is leading her somewhere else. Anyway she basically had to make a quick decision, then clear out her apartment, settle everything, move and fly back to China. With the amount of junk one can collect in 2 years, that is not an easy thing to do. I’m going to miss her.

On Wednesday, I bought a box of Almond Biscotti, wrote a Thank You card, and added a box of Seri Songket mango flavored tea to the mix and planned to give that to the Northwood Hand Center for the months of kind, friendly, understanding thumb therapy. I was really expecting that visit to be my very last since this was an unofficial visit to check whether the splint was working well for me. But after the therapist checked the splint and did some simple measurement of my thumb bendability, he set another appointment in 2 weeks time and he said after that I’ll have to come in unofficially once a month just to monitor the progress. At this point it seems a little odd to give them the “Thank You” stuff since I’ll still be going back there for more visits but I gave it to them anyway.

During my first few therapy sessions, I was so impressed by the amount of magazines they have there: tabloids, gossips, home, auto etc. Since I hardly ever read magazines, I was happy that they’ll keep me occupied while my right hand is under heating pads or in the fluidotherapy machine for 15 minutes each session. But then I kept going and going and going for more therapy sessions that I literally read/browsed through all the magazines. So the end came at the right time.

Komen NYC Race for the Cure

Komen Race starting line

At last the big day arrives, after several months of some “training,” the 2006 Komen NYC Race for the Cure is here. Here’s the timeline of today’s events.

5am – wake up time
5.50am – start drive to Newark, New Jersey
7.10am – arrive in Newark
7.30am – finally found an open parking garage ($9)(after getting a little lost and encountering several parking garage that’s not yet opened)
7.35am – Newark Penn Station in NJ Transit train to New York ($6.25 round trip)
7.55am – New York Penn station
8.13am – Subway C (8th Ave local) train to Central Park ($2 one way)
8.30am – Central Park (get t-shirt and bib-lucky number-17677), place bag at baggage claim
9.20am – Starting line along 8th Ave at the American Museum of Natural History
9.25am- Race starts for amateur runners
(41min:42sec later) – finally reach finish line (personal best since this is my very first 5k race)
10:10-12pm – Hang around the expo trying to get as many freebies as I could
12pm – Penang Restaurant Midtown Manhattan
1pm – Subway C back to Penn Station ($2)
1.14pm – NJ Transit train back to Newark
1.50pm – start drive back to Bethlehem
3.10pm – back in Bethlehem