Biking trip from riegelsville


I went bike riding today with 2 friends, Becky and Jim. We drove to a place called Riegelsville just beside the Delaware river and rode on a road that runs almost parallel to the river. Nice view along the way. The last time I rode a bicycle was in 1998 on my good old blue mountainbike. This time I rode the extra bike that Jim had but it was a man’s bike and eventhough the seat was set to the lowest possible, my toes just barely touched the ground. I’m really glad I didn’t take a tumble or had any near accident. We rode altogether 15 miles (24km). We had to climb 2 hills abt 3/4 of the way and I was about to call it quits but Becky beat me to it, so we turned around, instead of going another 4 miles to the next town, Milford. We rode back and I strained a muscle trying to keep my balance while stopping and waiting for a truck to pass. But good thing, a little more pedalling “unstrained” the muscle. Well, I know a lot more muscles are going to be real sore tomorrow, I can feel the soreness starting now!

Oh..and Becky gave me her old bicycle 🙂 Tomorrow, I’ll have to go get a bicycle helmet (I was riding without one today), bicycle lock, and a bicycle pump.

How wonderful..a free bicycle!

Corn field

Corn field

Right behind the row of trees at the back of the corn field is where my apartment building is. The corn plants grew really fast. During the winter that area is just barren land. I saw seedlings during spring time and now the plants are fully grown. I think they’ve been spraying the plants with something because the trunk of the plant near the ground is turning yellow. I was always wondering when people will come by to pick the corn like in the Disney animation movie, Pocahontas, but that has yet to happen. And the corn are getting over-riped by now. My current hypothesis is that they might use some machinery to mow over all the corn plants, and the corn crop is probably headed to a corn oil factory. (Correction: just found out that the corn will most probably be made into animal feed)

It’s funny, when I first got my MacBook and I would be using it at night and occasionally I would smell some strange chemical smell. At first I thought it was some plastic components in the MacBook that’s burning up (since I’ve read so many MacBook overheating forum posts) but now I figured it is probably someone/some machine spraying the cornfield .

Asian groceries

Asian groceries

Last friday, after the thumb therapy session, I drove to the Far East Oriental Market at Whitehall. It is the nearest asian grocery store to where I live. I drove along the very busy U.S. 22 Highway. I was so proud of myself that day. I managed to merge onto that highway, took a different route that’s totally new to me to get home, got lost, drove into Burger King parking lot, looked at map, then use another road to get home 🙂

It used to be very inconvenient to get to the asian grocery store. I either have to get rides from friends or take 2 buses to get there. I’ve even taken buses to get there in the winter, wearing a down jacket, standing alongside the road at the bus-stop with bags of groceries. So being able to drive there to buy stuff is quite a milestone for me!

Here’s a picture of the things I bought that day. I forgot to include a packet of frozen dumplings and a packet of instant santan powder in the photo. Listed are the things I bought and the price.

Silken tofu (2 blocks) – $1.19 each
Oyster sauce – $1.99
Chili beancurd (foo-yue) – $1.49
Frozen pork, leek, shrimp dumpling – $3.99
Yellow curry paste in can – $0.89
Green curry paste in can – $0.89
Thin rice noodle (beehoon) – $1.49
Chicken stock powder – $2.99
Tom yam paste – $1.39
Mung been thread (toong-fun) – $1.99
Instant santan powder – $0.69
Flat rice noodle (koay-teow) – $1.09
Korean instant noodle (u-dong flavor) – $0.69
5lb thai jasmine rice – $3.99
Century egg (6-in-a-box) – $1.89
Cooked salted egg (6-in-a-box) – $2.59
Bittergourd (foo-kua) – $1.09
Cili padi (a handful) – $0.36
TOTAL= $31.88

I made chicken, century egg, and salted egg porridge yesterday. I ate it with some chili beancurd 🙂

The Quarterbacks

Eagles quarterbacks

I’m no football fan and have very limited knowledge about the sport. But I do know that the quarterbacks are the most “popular” players in the team. In other words, more people wear jerseys with their names on it. I assume the players wearing the red jerseys are quarterbacks. Hmmm..that sort of reminds me of the prefects at SGGS who also wear red as opposed to the other “regular” students. I just found out that the quarterbacks wear red to make them more visible to the other players so that the other players would be careful as to not injure the very important (hard to replace) quarterbacks during training sessions. Anyway, here’s a picture of the quarterbacks and one of them is the famous Donovan McNabb. Even I know his name!