Operation Summer Car

My CNY’s initiative is to get my own car by the beginning of summer. Since summer begins on June 21, I have about 5 months to accomplish that goal. In order for that to happen, I basically have to save the maximum amount and spent the absolute bare minimum. The price of a used car can range from $500 to many thousands, and my target is a $2500 car. At that price I could probably get a 1994 Toyota Corolla or even a Camry. In fact there are more Camrys around than Corollas. Anyway, there’s going to be some major changes in my lifestyle, starting with…no more frozen dinners!! 🙂

$22.43 worth of groceries

$22.43 worth of groceries

I sometimes mentioned that it’s quite cheap to get groceries in the US, well here is a sample. You’ll also get a sample of my eating habits.

RM 84.12 worth of groceries:

1. multigrain bread
2. eggs
3. iceberg lettuce
4. baby carrots
5. turkey ham
6. shredded cheddar cheese
7. luncheon meat
8. frozen green beans
9. frozen cut spinach
10. frozen yellow corn
11. 2 boxes of frozen TV dinner
12. Diet coke

final makan list update

If you’re one of the few who have been keeping track of my makan list, the final report is…all accomplished.

Arrived back in Bethlehem yesterday. At the moment still a little jet-lagged.
Lots of things to do and managed to do today:
1. Went to the bank to bank in a check
2. Went to post office to get a box to mail things to PCNAT
3. Went to computing center to print out a bunch of notes for class
4. Went to bookstore to buy a textbook
5. Went to grocery store to restock fridge
6. Doing laundry
7. Updating blog