Thanksgiving in NYC

If everything goes as planned I may spend Thanksgiving with PCNAT in New York City. Probably go see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and then have Thanksgiving dinner with the host. Two years ago I watched the Thanksgiving Parade from the observation deck of the Empire State Building…wow time really flies.

It’ll be really nice to see NAT again…hear Amanda’s accent, see if three of them has put on weight. They may even spend 1 or 2 hours here at Lehigh. If there’s time I’ll take them to the observatory at Iacocca…nice view of Bethlehem from there. And then visit my office and then drive by Duh. Maybe even drive up the hill to see the fraternities and sororities houses.

3 and 1/2 weeks to go

I’m flying back to Malaysia on the day the movie King Kong opens in the US. I saw the trailer and it looks really good..sort of King Kong vs T-Rex movie.

Right now I’m just working on whatever needs to be done for my classes. And I feel a flu starting…sniffling and sneezing today.

My lists of must eat in Malaysia:
1. wonton mee & sui-kow
2. dim sum
3. Bali-bali seafood
4. char koay teow
5. hokkien mee
6. chicken rice
7. roast duck rice
8. bak kut teh
9. hokkien char
10. roti canai
11. indian mee goreng
12. roast pork rice
13. koay teow th’ng
14. satay
15. KFC hot and spicy (there’s KFC here but not as good)
16. egg tart
17. curry mee
18. sushi (especially if Wai Ling is belanja-ing)
19. sambal-stuffed fish (mom’s specialty)
20. siamese laksa (another mom’s specialty)
21. Aaron’s one special meal
22. nasi lemak

And I definitely have to walk up the Farlim hill with my dad at least 3 times a week to burn up all those food. Well I’ll bring back my running shoes, maybe…just maybe I can run a little at the Botanical gardens.

Looking forward to seeing Gurney Drive, MidValley Megamall, FGAKL, KLCC, beaches in Penang and Farlim…wonder what’s the condition of the lifts now 🙂
Looking forward to hearing tacky CNY songs at the supermarkets, and also eating some of the CNY cookies, maybe even buying some Chinese inspired blouses. Oh and opening last year’s ang pow. Meeting UPM friends and chatting about life in general. Spending time with parents and family. Ohhh…and christmas dinner and presents 🙂