2016: What happened to my June and July?!

Time pass by too quickly. I had a long list of writing projects to complete during the June and July break but only accomplished two 🙁


I completed the grant application. This was quite an extensive writing project. I think it is pretty good. I hope the grant committee feels the same.


I revised the manuscript by my masters student. It is now with the 3rd author for checking. I hope I can get it out this Wednesday.

I should get a draft of the paper on the equine-assisted learning project done before I leave for Melbourne. I hope to submit this by mid-September.

Then I have to revise the autism literature review paper by the end of August. I am not confident that I can revise it to a state that will satisfy the reviewers 🙁

Then there is that paper on special educators’ perspectives on evidence-based practices. Maybe that can go out in October? Sigh…

Brewing an Idea


What do you do with an idea?

You let it churn and brew and regurgitate in your mind. You find people who may be interested and pass the idea over to have it churn and brew and regurgitate in their minds as well.

I’m going to apply for another research grant. So far I’ve already put in quite a number of hours just to get the approval to submit a full proposal by early July.


Aside from this grant application, I have 2 manuscripts to revise and a new paper to get out by end July. Sometimes, not sometimes, often times, the thought of all the planning, thinking, reading, and writing is very overwhelming.


I try to work outside the campus, just to get away from my office. I can plan and read, but I don’t think I am productive writing-wise, in the library. I think I write better at home, with music, with some self-talk as I think through how to phrase the sentences. However, free flow internet at home is also a major distractor.

I just hope that no major admin work comes my way the next 2 months.

Let’s start from the very beginning…


These clear sheet protectors, categorized as Consumables, and the receipt dated 1 January 2016 signify the beginning of the Transition Grant. The Transition Grant will kickstart once I submit the reimbursement claim form for this item.

For the next 2.5 years, I will be spending a significant amount of my time and energy working on this research grant.

What is it like for young people with intellectual disabilities as they transition to adulthood?
What are their dreams and hopes for the future?
Have they been taught to dream and have hopes for their future?
Do those around them nurture their hopes and dreams?
Will they just tell me what they think I want to hear?
Will I be able to listen close enough to hear what they have to say?