Reunion Dinner 2008

I invited a few friends over for CNY Reunion Dinner. This year, I decided to make Yong Tau Foo. As I was stuffing the vegetables, I realized that this dish is very labor intensive.

I had to stuff the okra, eggplant, bittermelon, mushroom, taupok (fried soft tofu), and silken tofu.

Then, lightly pan-fry the items to brown the fish/pork paste stuffing.

Make the sauce and place everything back in the wok to braise till everything is cooked.

Place the cooked items in the oven to keep warm. Wash the wok and then steam the delicate stuffed silken tofu.

Thankfully, it turned out good. I also tried to make a stuffing out of texturized vegetable protein (TVP) but that didn’t turn out great, so my vegetarian friend had to eat Yong Tau Foo without any stuffing.