My slog in the swamp of despair

Back in January of this year, I wrote about my long trek in the valley of despondence to get a literature review published. This time, it’s my slog in the swamp of despair to get my student’s dissertation published. It took 3 years to get this paper accepted for publication. Not sure when it’ll be published.

March 2014: Student completed dissertation
August 2014: Student graduated with her master degree
April 2015: Student presented her research in an oral presentation at CEC 2015 San Diego

September 2015: Student submitted manuscript to Behavioral Disorders
November 2015: Decision – rejected

June 2016: Took over task of revision from student, and made major revision with third author.
October 2016: Submitted to Education and Treatment of Children
March 2017: Checked status with editor-in-chief and was informed that the editor in charge is not well, thus the delay
April 2017: Decision – rejected

August 2017: Submitted to Australasian Journal of Special Education
October 2017: Decision – revise and resubmit
January 2018: Revised and resubmitted
March 2018: Decision – revise and resubmit (Round 2)
May 2018: Revised and resubmitted (Round 2)
6 August 2018: Checked status with editor-in-chief and was informed that one reviewer has not gotten back with his/her feedback
8 August 2018: Decision – accepted for publication in the Australasian Journal of Inclusive and Special Education

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