NYC Bagel Factory in Singapore

I wasn’t a bagel person while in the US. But I did enjoy the bagels from Wegmans in Bethlehem, PA. Whenever I stayed over at Andrea’s place, she would have bagels and cream cheese ready for breakfast. The toasted multigrain bagel with strawberry cream cheese makes a really satisfying breakfast. Oh..the Asiago cheese bagel from Panera, toasted with butter, was also really really really good.

I started reminiscing about bagels and decided to find out if I could find bagels in Singapore. I found NYC Bagel Factory after some googling. After visits to 3 different Cold Storage supermarkets, I finally found some of their fresh, not frozen, bagels at Jason’s Marketplace in Raffles City, but they only had very limited varieties (i.e., plain, cheese, whole wheat, and blueberry).

In order to try the other varieties, I ordered 12 bagels (plus 1 free) from NYC Bagel Factory online store and it was delivered to my office today in a rather cute box. I bought multigrain, whole wheat sesame, cheese everything, coconut pandan, and chose mocha chip for the free bagel. All the bagels looked really good, especially, the Cheese Everything bagel. I can’t wait to try that for breakfast tomorrow 🙂

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