Projects 90: Song Dong

Projects 90: Song Dong
Go to the link to read up on this masterpiece.

For this exhibit, instead of snapping photos of everything, I was careful to look for objects that I could relate to or something totally unique.

I had to smile when I saw the plastic bags folded into triangles. My mom does that too 🙂

The small stack of little red Mao books caught my eye.

The mineral pot! That was so crazy popular many years ago.

The plastic handle things at the bottom of the picture look familiar but I can’t figure out what they are for.

Styrofoam city.

Mosquito mat vaporizer. Once a fixture in my life.

A metal babychair. I’ve never seen one before.

And here are more photos of the exhibit.

But there was something that I thought I would find here but I didn’t….a brightly colored enamel potty!

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