Innocent bystander of a potential cat fight

After watching numerous ads of Wendy’s new spicy baconator, I was persuaded to try it. The Spicy Baconator consists of 2 beef patties, 2 slices of pepper jack cheese, 6 strips of bacon, jalapeno peppers and chipotle ranch sauce on a bun. Total calories=880. Calories from fat=500!!

Today, I packed my bag with all the materials that I need for an afternoon of dissertation work in the library, took the shuttle bus to the main campus, and walked to the nearest Wendy’s for lunch.

The place was packed and there was a long line. I stood in line behind a lady with her toddler daughter in a stroller (aka stroller lady). Three spaces ahead of me was a small group of ladies and two of them were dressed in the weirdest “fashion”.

One of them was wearing a brightly colored polka dot bikini top with a thin white halter-top over the bikini top. The other lady was wearing a white sports bra-like top with a very low cut orange tank top over that (aka orange lady). That’s very unusual dressing, especially, when the temperature was 7C outside. I guess they could have pulled off that dressing if they had supermodel bodies but both of them were very heavy-set.

They definitely caught my eye, but I was busy mentally debating whether to have fries or a healthier side salad with my burger. And then to my utter dismay, the stroller lady started talking out loud.

“I cannot believe people will actually dress like that and walk out of the house.”

Then supposedly talking to her toddler in the stroller, “You will never ever dress like that. I won’t let you walk out of the house dress like that.

“What were they thinking dressing like that?!”

Then a mother with her 2 teenage daughters behind me started chuckling and nodding in agreement. I was horrified that a cat fight may erupt right there and then. And I would be the innocent bystander who got hit for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The oddly dressed ladies had already placed their orders and were talking to each other in Spanish. I crossed my fingers hoping they didn’t hear those comments. They eventually walked away with their order and stroller lady went up to the counter.

Then the orange lady came back to the counter for more sour cream and gave the stroller lady an “if looks could kill” stare. Stroller lady didn’t return the stare but looked at her daughter and said, “You will never ever dress like that, ever!

That was a very tense moment but thankfully orange lady just walked away. Stroller lady was definitely asking for it, very confrontational. Anyway, I’m glad that confrontation went by uneventfully.

I chose fries. I thought, what the heck, I’ll just overload my arteries with fat today and have almost vegetarian meals the next few days. The spicy baconator wasn’t that great. It was rather tasteless except for the hot jalapeno peppers that reminded me of cut pickled green chili that goes with wantan mee. But the jalapeno peppers were cut thicker and were spicier, pretty good, I’ll look for a bottle of that the next time I go food shopping.

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