Sight and Sound experience

My small group from church organized a trip to the Daniel and the Lions’ Den show at the Sight and Sound theater (Broadway-style show with a Christian theme) in Strasburg, PA. It was a 2-hour drive to the Amish-land. We had lunch at a family-style restaurant where we had way too much food. Then we headed towards the theater. While in the car, I had my camera ready to take shots of Amish farmland and people, but I only saw strip malls, outlet stores, lots of restaurants, and an occasional Amish horse buggy driving by.

I was surprised by the number of cars, buses, and people at the Millennium Theater.

A giant mammoth, Wooly, greeted visitors inside the theater.

And then there’s the mandatory group picture.

After Nebuchadnezzar died and his son, Belshazzar, became king, we had a 15-minute intermission. But the intermission dragged for an hour. Finally we heard that there’s some technical difficulties, and a group of actors came out and led the audience in an extended praise and worship session. Finally after a 2-hour intermission, we were told that the technical difficulties were too major (a stage lift broke leaving a very large hole in the middle of the stage, I think), so they were not able to continue the show. However, we could exchange the ticket for another show another day.

Then it was a 2-hour drive back to Bethlehem. I guess the biggest disappointment was not being able to see the lions’ den scene, because everyone was debating whether there were any real lions in the show (most probably no) and how real the fake lions will look.

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