Freaky fingers

The university library has quite a large online collection of academic journals. But there are quite a number of journals that are still paper-hard-copy only. I used to have to go to the library, find the journal, spent money ($0.10 per copy) to photocopy the articles in those journals. But the student senate fought for free photocopying of these paper-only journals on the premise that — if students can print out electronic journal articles for free, why should the students have to spent money to get copies of articles in paper-only journals? And the students won. The library handed out photocopy cards to graduate students for a few months but they noticed that some students used the card to photocopy other stuff too. So they stop handing out the photocopy cards. Now there’s a link on the library website and students can request for photocopy of articles, and library staff will find the article in the paper-only journal, make a copy of it and then send the pdf file to the student. This is way better and saves me a lot of work. I can request 20 different journal articles and I’ll get the files the next day.

Anyway, the library employs work study students to do the photocopying. And this is a sample of a “fine” photocopying work. It always freaks me out when I have to read pages with images of thumbs and fingers attached. Not the hilariously freaky, more like the “ewwww” freaky!

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