It’s so painful….

I sent my car to Garage Klein yesterday. The car was making a lot of noise at the beginning of the drive and occasionally I noticed a burning smell.

I just received a call from the mechanic. He explained to me that the belt tensioner has busted and the serpentine/fan/drive belt was affected too. He had to replace the belt and tensioner. He went on to say that because it’s a VW, it’s going to cost more. I took a deep breath and he said, “$350.”

I can actually feel my heart aching 🙁

3 thoughts to “It’s so painful….”

  1. Ouch, I feel for you 🙁 I’m taking my car to the mechanic today, and really, it is a more frightening experience than any visit to the dentist!

  2. A visit to the dentist in the US is pretty scary too. One time I had this major toothache, went to a dentist, he said that I’d have to get a root canal and a crown and the total cost would be $700+. I remember suggesting to the dentist that maybe he should just pull out that tooth and save me the money…hahaha. He sent me home to think about it and thankfully, the pain died down and I finally did the same procedure in Malaysia for RM700.

  3. My er retainers got thrown away by a friend. I can’t contact my dentist back home. So I have to wait till I go back to get another pair. Hopefully, my teeth will still stay in shape!

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