Homemade Malaysian Food

I tried to make kuih bangkit few days ago following this recipe, and it was an utter failure. The cookies were rock hard, not light and melt in your mouth. What a disappointment. But I’ll try again this weekend.

Two trays of failed kuih bangkit.

Rock-hard kuih bangkit.

Today, I made Char Siew following this recipe, and I’m astounded that it really tasted like Char Siew. Amazing! I think it’s even better than some store-bought char siew.

A strip of char siew right off the broiler.

Sliced char siew.

2 thoughts to “Homemade Malaysian Food”

  1. Wow, that was a very quick comment/response 🙂 I included the link to the recipes. Quite easy actually. I’ll try the kuih bangkit one more time and if still tak-jadi then have to close the kuih-bangkit shop.

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