Pendidikan Khas (Special Education)

During my last trip back to Malaysia, I said I was going add many more entries to my special education blog and it was going to be a resource site for parents and teachers and blah blah blah. Unfortunately, I didn’t add more entries and pretty much countinued to neglect that blog.

Well, things have changed. I now have an official blog with my name on it. An ego booster? Haha…I actually think that it makes me more accountable for what I write on it.

I said to my official blog sponsor, Tai-lo Victor, that I should use that blog to write about the children that I have taught and showcase their personalities, likes, dislikes, quirks, etc. Sort of to show readers that these children are not just a group of children with Down Syndrome or Autism or Mental Retardation, but they are individuals, just like you and me.

I’ll also try to lose the pretentious words that people in higher education like to use.

Ok, here goes nothing:

Introducing Pendidikan Khas: My Reflections of Special Education in Malaysia.

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