My basic running gear

There are several things/gears that always go along with me on my runs:
1) My Asics GT-2110 running shoes
2) My iPod nano
3) My Nike+Ipod kit which includes an attachment to the iPod nano and the Nike shoe sensor
4) My shoewallet, which is attached to my shoe and holds the Nike sensor, a small ID card (just in case I passed out on the trail, thankfully that has yet to happen), and my keys
5) My Timex watch with the interval timer function
6) My tattered Michigan cap

I got the Nike+iPod kit with the birthday gift certificate that Victor gave me. I have to say the kit and my iPod nano are two of my best loved gadgets. I also like the nikeplus site where I can keep track of my runs, set running goals, watch my progress, and also join some running challenges.

When I got the Nike+iPod kit, I already had my running shoes and I didn’t want to spend more money on a pair of special Nike shoes that has a special compartment to hold the sensor. So I searched around for other ways to attach the sensor to my shoe. I found several types of shoe wallets/pouches that will hold the sensor, but I needed something a little bigger to hold my keys as well. I finally settled on the shoewallet. It has worked well and has become part of my regular running wardrobe.

This Saturday, I’m running in the Jingle Bell 5K run. I ran the same race last year. This is the race where the runners and walkers tie jinglebells on their shoelaces. I’m aiming for a new 5K PR in this race, and “regression to the mean” is in my favor 🙂

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