It’s a miracle…again!!

The check engine light has turned off again. Unlike the last time that this miracle happened, this time I didn’t even spray any WD-40 anywhere. But I did, while I was driving to church on Saturday, say a short prayer asking for all the components of the car to work well and to work for a long time. And after the service while I was driving off, I noticed immediately that the check engine light didn’t turn on. The last check-engine-light miracle took place in March and lasted about a week. Let’s see how long this miracle will last this time around. It’s one of those unexplainable car-related phenomenon. Perhaps the check engine light will never turn on again?

The car has been running pretty good lately. During the last oil change, I got garage Klein to do a transmission flush. That seemed to have gotten rid of the jerky stop-and-start (I believe the technical term for this is transmission slip) that I’ve experienced for quite a while now. Occasionally the jerky stop-and-start was accompanied by squealing wheels. One time, when I was driving with a friend, I saw her grabbed the dashboard as my car jerked forward when moving out of an intersection. That was so funny.

During the last oil change, Klein informed me once again that the left rear wheel bearing was breaking and making some noise. When he first mentioned the bearing problem a few months ago, I remember looking at him and thinking, “What is he talking about?? What bearing? Ball bearings? Where in the car is this bearing thing?” Anyway, after some long distance calls to my Malaysian car expert, called Papa, I have been reassured that I won’t drive into a drain (masuk longkang) because of a wheel bearing problem. But as the problem progresses, the noise may attract a lot of unwanted attention.

One more car-related issue: gas (petrol) prices. It’s going up and up ($3.07/gallon now). Because of that, I have seriously limited my driving this month. I topped up the gas tank on November 1 and my car is still running on that tank of gas (about 5 gallons left now). I believe I can make it through till the end of the month without filling up. That’s quite an achievement!

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