Trashy justice

As I talked to people who are staying with roommates, I discovered that roommate issues are all too common. What I dislike about roommate issues is that I hate the way I am when I deal with household injustice (at least injustice from my point of view). I hate that I become calculative and picky. I am so determined not to be taken advantage of but at the same time I know I am called to serve others, and I struggle to do just that in my own apartment…sigh. 

Through my discussions with friends and roommate horror stories that I’ve heard, here is how people have dealt with a roommate who does not take out the trash (or who does not contribute a fair share of trash out-taking): 

1. Have an uncomfortable talk about the trash issue and how the current situation stinks and that the “I will take the trash out when I feel like it” attitude is not good enough. And finally splitting the trash chore to one person taking out the trash on Monday-Thursday and the other person on Friday-Sunday. 
2. Buy another trash can and label the respective trash can with the owner’s name. And each person will take out his/her own respective trash. 
3. Instead of taking the trash out, place the trash in front of the never-take-out-trash person’s room (Shocking? But true!) 

All these conflicts over something so seemingly insignificant and yet it has the power to bring out the worst in a person.  

2 thoughts to “Trashy justice”

  1. Ah, yes…I’ve heard many roommate horror stories as well. The worse one is when my friend’s roommate borrowed his toothbrush! I’m so glad that I live alone – that’s my only luxury here in USA 🙂

  2. That’s why I keep my toothbrush in my room…Hehehe, no it’s not bad as that. I use a power toothbrush so I keep it charged in my room 🙂

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