My beloved running trail


I had a really good day today. I went for the women’s conference in church from 8.20am- 2pm. Then dropped by the grocery store to get collard greens and turnip greens (will blog on these vegetables later). Went home, took a short nap, then went out for my 50 minutes of continuous running. Came home, took a short shower, rushed off to evening service. After the service, went to the chinese buffet to tah-pau some food for dinner. I thought I’d go to bed early since I’ve been running around a lot today but the iMovie bug would not let me sleep. So here is my latest iMovie about my beloved running trail. I’ve sort of mastered the Ken Burns effect. I’m still having trouble with the transitions and I save my work obsessively. I think I’m getting better at this. What do you think?

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