Indian cuisine

In the midst of my comprehensive exam, I took a break and co-hosted an Indian food dinner party for my fellow special ed coursemates. I made tandoori chicken, tikka tempeh (my own invention), and tikka paneer. Just one week ago, I had no idea what paneer was. I needed to make a vegetarian tandoori dish, so my Indian coursemate suggested making paneer, and I was like, “Paneer? What is that?” It’s actually a block of fresh cheese Indian-style. Here’s the menu (top right going clockwise):
1. Jeera rice (wonderful spiced basmati rice)
2. Kasoori methi mushroom (mushroom, fenugreek, cream sauce)
3. Tikka tempeh (strips) and tikka paneer (the mess; tandoori marinated cheese)
4. Aalu gobi matar (cauliflower, potato, peas dish; I love this)
5. Rajma (red bean curry soup)
6. Samosa and Dhania chutney
7. Tandoori chicken
8. Raita (cucumber and yogurt)
9. (Not in picture) Mango ice-cream made from coolwhip and mango pulp (absolutely delicious ice-cream made by my Romanian coursemate).

I watch a lot of Food Network and the chefs are always talking about setting the dinner table, coordinated table-cloth and dinnerware, and a floral centerpiece. I look at this picture and I see the messy uncoordinated containers and no table-cloth! But I like it, it’s a big welcome sign that says “just dig in and enjoy!”

In two weeks time, our group will be having a Slavic dinner party. That should be interesting, let’s see if the Slavic chefs do a better job presenting their cuisine 🙂

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