iPod Nano: Race of generations

Here is one reason I’ve been out running/walking consistently the past few weeks, I’ve joined one of Nike+ challenges and I’m among many runners running for the Ist generation of iPod nano. The Ist gen (represented by my black nano) and 2nd gen (represented by Victor’s silver nano) have been neck to neck the whole time, but it looks to me like 2nd gen is winning 🙁 Since the challenge ends September 18 at 5:59pm, I’m going to make sure I add another 6K to Ist generation by the deadline. 1st generation is going to win because 2nd generation is only climbing 10 flights of stairs at the moment…hahahaha!

Eesshhh…2nd gen won.
But I did run 61.28km for 1st gen.

2 thoughts to “iPod Nano: Race of generations”

  1. Hey! 10 flights of stairs is plenty for a beginner. You just wait till the day I become a lean mean running machine… tonight… when I’m dreaming in my sleep. hahaha.

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