“Turun harga”

I’ve been downgraded 🙁

When I was a research assistant in a research grant, I had an office space with a desk and a computer in a large busy research center. Lots of things going on, people having meetings, walking in and out….a real research community. Now that the research grant that I was working on has ended, I’m now “just” a graduate assistant to my prof, helping her complete the remaining work of the now defunct grant. Since I’m not in a research grant anymore, I’ve been banished from the center and had to move to a student “suite”. I don’t even get a proper desk, just some sort of counter space and no computer. And to make things worse, most of the other students in the “suite” are away on their practicum and are seldom around but yet they hog the desks. Although I’m told that I could use any of the desks when the other students are not using them, it’s still not my desk and my space. I really hate this new arrangement. Now I’m torn between (1) boycotting the counter space or (2) reclaiming the space by totally decorating and personalizing the area.

3 thoughts to ““Turun harga””

  1. hihi , who say bad layan leng lui alisa like this.. if ppl dont know how to treasure you then find another place or ppl who know how to treasure you lar…in contonese got one nice words.. it sound like this : winter melon dont blend then blend water melon lor.. (hope you know what i mean lar.) hehehe

  2. You poor thing! During my brief stint as a TA, I didn’t even have a student suite, but better still – the two professors I was working for told me that I could just get the keys to work in their rooms…anytime!

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