Comps is over…almost

At last the big day came, I went through 4 hours of continuous typing, didn’t even have time to read over the stuff before I handed it in. This has got to be the fastest 4 hours of my life, the time just flew by. With this, a big part of comps is over.

It’s just one of those anti-climatic moments. I had planned to go for a nice Indian buffet lunch with my study buddy, and then for some retail therapy on my own. But both of us were totally drained and our appetites also went down the drain, so we just went somewhere to eat something simple…not much of a celebration meal. Then I went back home but felt like I needed to go somewhere, so I went to watch Becoming Jane in the theater. First time ever, I had the whole theater to myself.

During the exam, we had a choice of using either the Mac or PC to type out our answers. I chose the mac, my two friends chose the PC. At the end of the exam, it took me about a minute to burn the files on to a CD, but it took one of my friends at least 30 minutes to do it with “help” and “suggestions” from numerous people. For the other friend, even with all the “help” and “suggestions” it wouldn’t work, so I helped her saved the files onto a USB thumbdrive then took it over to the mac to get the CD done…so much easier. Now I know why I love the mac. Hmmm…this scenario makes a good Mac vs PC commercial.

3 thoughts to “Comps is over…almost”

  1. wahh need to be a harvard student to burn cd in pc mah… then i can be prof alreday lor.. i atless burn more then 700 cd n 300 dvd already lar… in this few years time lor.. hahaha…

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