Musikfest 2007

Unlike Musikfest 2006, I didn’t really do Musikfest this year. I only managed to watch the finale fireworks with a friend. She has been in Bethlehem for 6 years and never once attended Musikfest!

We were at the south-side of the Fahy bridge which was not crowded at all. At the north-end of the bridge, some people already “jom-ed” (reserved) a spot since morning. They would place a big blanket on the ground to reserve the spot. This practice seems so Asian/Malaysian/Malaysian-Chinese. When I commented about the practice to my friend, she said it’s the same in India, except that people will remove your blanket reservation and place their own blanket on the same spot. “It’s not your grandfather’s spot, you know!” 🙂

Still leaking…

It has been more than a week since the tire repair, it’s obvious now that the tire is still leaking. I actually think that the two leaks that Klein saw were imaginary, but who am I to question his eyesight and his years of experience. I pointed out these deep cracks to him but Klein said that those were normal.

So now we wait for the special tire to arrive.

Hummus? Huh?

I first came across hummus at the cafetaria. They were having a hummus sandwich special. I didn’t know what hummus was then…it sounded like it’s related to something-soil or I didn’t get the special sandwich. But after the initial introduction, I kept hearing people say how much they love hummus. Hummus? I don’t think so.

One day when I was at a friend’s place, she served a platter of a variety of hummus, so I finally had some hummus. It was ok, not great, not bad either. But I never gave hummus much thought after that. Never sought it out, never thought of eating it at all.

During the Smokies trip, Becky bought a small container of hummus, and with only a limited choice of food items in the cooler, I started to eat the hummus with baby carrots. And I grew to like it. Not that I really really like it, but I like it enough to try and make my own hummus following this recipe.

So what is hummus?

Hummus is that beige paste-like substance in the small round container. It’s Middle-eastern and slightly Greek. It consists of mashed up chickpeas/garbanzo/kacang kuda, tahini (sesame paste), lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Vegan Treats

Vegan Treats is this vegan bakery here in Bethlehem. I’ve heard about the place but never ventured there until recently. Here’s their bestselling cake… chocolate-encased strawberry shortcake. Unfortunately, their black forest cake does not come in the smaller 4-inch size. If I am to satisfy my black forest cake craving, I’ll have to get the 9-inch which cost $35.

Leaky tire

After months of being slightly irritated by the chronic under-inflation of the left-front tire of my car, I finally brought the car to Klein to let him have a look at it. There wasn’t any nail lodged in the tire but it looked like there may be two tiny leaks. He patched up the areas of possible-leak, changed the stem, told me to wait several days and hope that the repair would fix the problem, and charged me $21.20. If after several days, the tire started going down again, I would have to get a new tire.

VW for some crazy reason(s) used an odd-size tire (215/50R15) for my old-ish and rare (aka unpopular) 1997 VW Passat, and due to the car’s lack of status, tire manufacturers actually stopped producing this particular size! Auto-parts places would have to search warehouses for leftovers of this special tire. With all these factors combined, the new tire would cost $103.50, instead of $50-60 for a regular tire. Hmmm, it doesn’t pay to be special…

While watching Klein work on removing the tire from the rim, I had an enlightening moment which highlighted my auto-ignorance (Ah-ha-Duh moment):

“What?? There’s no inner tube?!!”