Free lunch

Part 2: Self-determination will have to wait…

I just completed my answers to all 6 questions. Tomorrow onwards I’ll start memorizing the answers, and start working on my “rice-bowl”-work that I’ve neglected for the past 3 weeks. So much to catch up on 🙁

On the bright side, it’s orientation week at Lehigh. I just found out that there will be a family luncheon this Thursday for families of new students who are moving in. So I’m going to crash that luncheon and grab some free food. And I’m guessing the lunch will be the typical hotdogs, burgers, green salad and pasta salad fare. But it’ll be of higher quality because the university needs to convince the parents that their kids would be taken care of.

I also plan to make my bi-annual trip to the korean grocery store tomorrow. Need to stock up on:
1. instant noodle (specifically Mama creamy tomyam and Mama chicken flavor, and lots of it),
2. Morinu extra firm tofu,
3. Morinu soft tofu (for my attempt to make peanut butter mousse again)
4. dried seaweed,
5. oyster sauce,
6. brown or red cargo rice,
7. frozen unagi (maybe, depends on the price),
8. frozen edamame,
9. canned curry paste,
10. santan powder,
11. assorted dried noodles, and
12. mooncake (if they have it, which I doubt).

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