Comprehensive exam

It seems, from the entries in this blog, my life is all about food and desserts, fussing about my car, an occasional trip somewhere, and an assortment of random stuff.

“Is she really studying over there?”

I am (occasionally), but the need to study comes in waves. And the biggest tidal wave is heading my way very soon. My comprehensive exam is on September 4.

What’s a comprehensive exam? It’s an exam that’s comprehensive, haha. It actually depends on the department or faculty where the student is in. The comprehensive exam of the dept of special ed consist of:
a) 6 long questions (I got mine beginning of June)
b) 3 months to prepare (June, July, August)
c) 3 questions presented to us on that fine September day (our respective advisors will choose whichever 3 questions they like best)
d) 4-hour written exam (no books or reference materials allowed)
e) 2 research articles to critique (articles given to us a week after the written exam)
f) 2 weeks to complete the critiques and hand it in.

I spent June in Malaysia, hardly looked at the questions. I spent July acclimating to Bethlehem again. For the month of August, no more fooling around. I spent the last 2 weeks trying to find the ideal studying routine (morning or afternoon or night) and the ideal place to work (linderman library or fairmart library or computer room or home). But now that the exam is almost here, the ideal environment goes out the window, I just hang out in my room and work the whole day. I guess that’s the ideal condition – an approaching deadline.

I plan to get all the answers to the 6 questions done by this weekend, and then spend the next 2 weeks M-E-M-O-R-I-Z-I-N-G the answers. And on September 4, I’ll have to regurgitate out the answers. This may be the toughest exercise my brain has been subjected to since STPM, or may be not, Biochemistry exams in UPM were pretty bad.

So, yeah, I’m really studying over here 🙂

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