Bright light

After enduring years of dim floor lamp lighting in my room*, I finally went ahead to get fluorescent lights. It took me 3 trips to the store to get all the stuff that I needed!

Trip #1:
Bought the reflector light fixture-thing and 2 fluorescent tubes.
Came home and found out that it didn’t come with the screw hooks. Postponed fixing it up till next day.

Trip #2:
Bought the screw-on hooks and a plier.
Came home, measured the length of the cord and realized it was rather short but decided to fix it up anyway. But the light ended up being too low, just slightly above my head…that won’t do.

Trip #3:
Bought an extension cord.

Finally, the light is up! It is bright and cheery in my room now. However, I don’t exactly trust my own handiwork, so I’ve moved the laptop and the chair further away from the light…wouldn’t want the light to fall on my head 🙂

* Unlike Malaysia, most houses in the US do not come with permanent fluorescent lights. So, most students end up going to walmart to get one of those cheap floor lamps that uses incandescent light bulbs, or the more environment conscious would get CFL light bulbs. Either way, these floor lamps are usually not bright enough.

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