Linderman library

This is the newly renovated Linderman library – Lehigh’s humanities library. I was using the computer here but the table is a little too narrow so the monitor is like in your face. Too close, very uncomfortable, so had to move to a different computer somewhere else eventhough the chair was rather comfortable.

It’s summer now so there’s hardly any students around, a very good time to “jom” a computer and a table to do some serious studying in a beautiful air-conditioned place. I should start spending many hours here from now on.

4 thoughts to “Linderman library”

  1. Can you take me there? I am now quite excited to go there…but my pocket only have RM 33. Can go ah? maybe I should sampan my way thru there

  2. hey!! my laptop is my saviour to better days ahead…..later sampan also i could not afford to buy!

  3. hahaha
    too bad alisa is in usa not england .. if not you can take airasia to visit her..hehe

    rm33 go to buy 4d or toto lar.. nanti kena can go lor… hahahaha…

    good luck lar…

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