Peanut plant maybe?

New camera, Canon A570 IS, is here but now there is nothing much to take pictures of.

During the summer, the area behind Duh is usually planted with corn. This year however something else has been planted, I’m guessing this may be peanut or some type of legume that will nourish the ground for next summer. If you know what plant this is, let me know.

I went for a walk yesterday to walk away my back-in-bethlehem blues, and found 2 lost golf balls at the practice driving range. Maybe I can start a collection. Well, I’ve been back 2 weeks but I still find it hard to settle down to some sort of Duh routine again. Spent the past few days clearing away all the travelling stuff.

Starting this Monday, I’ll have to hit the library for several hours a day to prepare for my upcoming comprehensive exam in September. Eessshhh….1 1/2 months to the big exam, it’s like my nightmare coming true. I would occasionally dream that a big exam (SPM or STPM) is one month away and I haven’t started studying yet! I cannot believe the Dept of Special Ed is doing this to me, after telling me the past few years that this type of “memorize and regurgitate” type of testing is ineffective and does not test real learning, they are subjecting me to the same type of testing. Oh well, at least I have years of experience doing this.

Update July 23 2007: The plant could be soybean.

4 thoughts to “Peanut plant maybe?”

  1. Hi Ailsa,
    I have been enjoying reading your blog. It gives me different seeing…
    Good photos and interesting write up too.

    keep it up.


  2. Hey Glory,

    Thanks for reading and commenting. This is my way of connecting to home. If there’s anything that you would like to read about and see, this site is open to special request 🙂

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