Chauffeur services

I drove Susan, Mei, and her parents to the Philly airport early Sunday morning. Mei’s parents came from Bintulu for Mei’s graduation on May 21 but they are here early so they could travel around before heading home. And Mei is taking them to Texas (of all places!). At first I was worried that it would get hot without the A/C, but fortunately, it was a very cold morning so the car was comfortable all the way. The journey was smooth except for one request for an emergency pitstop but to my surprise there wasn’t any rest area along the highway. So we had to make an exit and found a gas-station not to far off. When we finally arrived at the airport, Mei’s dad commented that I must have driven to this airport many times since I seem to know my way around 🙂 It was my first trip there but I did study the google map and directions carefully.

Recorded car data after my trip to and back from Philadelphia airport:
Distance: 140 miles (225km)
Time: 3:04 hour
Average speed: 45 mph (72km/h)
Gas mileage: 25.8 mpg (miles per gallon)(11km/L)
Engine temperature: 200F (93C)
Outside temperature: 57F (14C)

I dropped Sonja off at the nearby bus station 10 minutes away. She’s on her way to Newark airport to fly back to Slovenia.

All these trips sending people off is so exciting. Soon I’ll have to find someone to drop me off at the bus-stop too.