Cucumber kimchi

cucumber kimchi

Ever since a korean acquaintance-friend gushed about how much she loves cucumber kimchi, I’ve been rather fascinated by it. My mom tried to make it once but it didn’t turn out well. I was at the korean grocery store yesterday and saw freshly-made cucumber kimchi, so I bought a small packet. But it was ridiculously expensive – $4.99 for 4 cucumber halves! From now on, I’m going to make my own cucumber kimchi….one of these days, anyway.

And here’s what I bought:
Red cargo rice (5lb) – $3.99
Dang-myeon (jab-chae noodle; 2 packs) – $4.98
Sesame oil – $4.49
Coconut milk (2 cans) – $0.99
Roasted hot pepper paste – $3.99
Dried seaweed – $3.89
MAMA shrimp creamy tomyam noodle (1box=20packs) – $4.99
Pojangmacha U-dong instant noodle (1box=20packs) – $9.99
Unagi kabayaki (frozen roasted eel; 2 packs) – $5.98
Spinach (2 bunches) – $0.99
Baby peeled carrots – $0.99
Cucumber kimchi – $4.99 (Ouch!)

I went overboard with the instant noodles, but it was so much cheaper buying by the box than individual packs. Oh and by the way, unscented durians cost $0.99 per pound.

2 thoughts to “Cucumber kimchi”

  1. If possible, let us try your kimchi when you are in Malaysia. Yummy.. yummy… i like kimchi too.

  2. Yeah, we have to have one of our infamous “gatherings”, unfortunately our gatherings no longer have any power in numbers. I’ll try and squeeze in a cooking session, somehow when I’m back I turn into a couch potato almost immediately!

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