Spring is here

This afternoon was a wonderful spring day. It was very sunny but at the same time it was cool. A great day to be out, so I drove to the mall to get some unneccessary things – all for the sake of being out. On the way to the store, I noticed the check engine light is on again!! Well, I resprayed the ignition with the miracle substance, and I’ll see tomorrow if that actually works.

After the shopping trip, I went out for a run, though it was more walk then run. I also calibrated the nike+ipod sensor to my own pace. It was quite warm (11C) 🙂 and I could go out in shorts and let my legs get some sun. They haven’t seen bright sunlight for 5 months now.

I went for the STAR tutoring session on Saturday and my tutee was absent. She was absent the session before that too. I heard from one of her schoolmates that she was suspended from school for fighting. Anyway, I “tutored” two high school girls instead. Not much tutoring going on, they were both working on their homework and at the same time chatting about their tumultuous love lives.

Nothing much happening lately. I even thought of taking a picture of the catfish curry that I made this afternoon, and blog about it!

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