Reprints of priceless art


I had these reprints of my dad’s paintings made to decorate my room.

Lately my rice-bowl work requires me to drive 30 minutes to an early learning center (i.e., kindy/preschool) to observe and collect behavioral data on a 5-year old child. The observation starts at 9am and ends just before 11am. Every 15 seconds (prompted by a 15-sec interval tape via headphones), I’ll code on paper whether she was engaged or not engaged, and also several other off-task behaviors if they occurred. Sounds easy but this type of data collection requires almost 100% of my attention for 1.5 hours. No daydreaming allowed…well, I try my best not to 🙂

For the past few weeks I’ve been listening to internet radio on iTunes. One station that I always listen to is Unfortunately due to some recent copyright royalty board laws, this and many other stations will stop offering free services 🙁 Since there’s no local asian radio stations, I’m considering paying for internet radio ($4.95/month), so that I could continue cultivating my chinese-ness. But a big part of me wants things that are F.O.C. I’ll see how things go. Maybe I can find another site that streams malaysian radio, unfortunately, most sites require windows media player, which I don’t have.

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