It’s a miracle!!

For the past eight months, the dashboard “check engine” light has been on. When I first got the car, the mechanic said that it was due to a faulty O2 sensor but it was not a big deal, so I could basically just ignore that light. Last weekend, I was talking to my dad about my car issues and he recommended that I spray some WD-40 into the ignition keyhole. So on Monday, that’s what I did. And when I was driving on Tuesday, the most amazing thing happened – the “check engine” light was off and it has been off since then. My dad calls the WD-40, the car version of the human cure-all “foong yau” (Kwan Loong oil).

This afternoon, the outside temperature went up to 24C, I wonder if WD-40 can stop the power steering rack from leaking 🙂

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