Happy Birthday, 2-Lo!


It’s been a crazy week.

I finally presented my qualifying project to the faculty and got some great feedback. After close to 2 years, this is way overdue. I was told that my study exceeded the requirements but I knew that all along. During my research proposal meeting (a long time ago), I wanted the faculty to limit my research scope, but they insisted more and more, and now they tell me that it is great and it exceeds expectations…but all I wanted was a short (like 6 months) and just good-enough project. Anyway, it’s over now. The two stacks of paper in the picture: the bottom stack is my research paper, the top is my presentation powerpoint notes.

Now that the qualifier is over, it’s time to switch over to the dissertation proposal. I’ve added more RAM to the macbuku, and I’m learning to edit videos with this book, iMovie 6 & iDVD: the Missing Manual, in preparation for my dissertation research. It’s going to be an interesting research study.

I received a nice CNY and birthday e-Amazon.com angpow from Victor. This year, I don’t think I’ll use that to get a kitchen appliance/cookware. I’m thinking of the Nike+iPod sport kit. But I haven’t been out running for almost 3 months now. This new gadget may motivate me to run again…or not.

Almost February 25:
I was at the asian grocery store today and saw this peanut snack, one of the birthday boy’s favorites. Happy Birthday, 2-Lo 🙂

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