Reunion dinner

Reunion dinner

Since I’m still in the midst of completing my qualifier and my body is still aching from yesterday’s snow “battle”, I didn’t plan to invite anyone over for a reunion dinner. But I have to eat anyway, and Mei gave me a call at the most opportune time, so I invited her to join me for dinner. We had:
1. Korean bbq beef (my own secret recipe)
2. Baked but-unfortunately-too-salty assam shrimp
3. Kimchi soup
4. Romaine lettuce (auspicious sang-choy), spinach, and baby carrots
5. Korean hot pepper paste dip (another secret recipe)
6. Pomegranate herb tea

It was a wrap-beef-in-lettuce sort of meal. Simple yet delicious.

2 thoughts to “Reunion dinner”

  1. But when in Malaysia there’s just too much outside food that I want to eat that cooking is the last thing I want to do. Maybe when I’m finally back for good.

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