Jinglebell run

Jinglebell run

I ran the jinglebell run today. The idea of running in a race with jinglebells tied to my shoelaces sounded really fun. Actually running the race was torturous, especially when the road seemed to be going uphill a lot, and everyone seemed to be ahead of you the whole way. All the graduate students wore long-sleeve t-shirts that say:

Grad students are like penguins….
We’re always cold and hungry and we look funny when we’re running.

Which I disagree because several runners from our team won top placings in their age groups. I think, I may be one of few true penguins in the group. As for my goal of running the 5K in 35 minutes or less (hahaha) maybe next year. I ran/walked this race in 40 minutes and 2 seconds. It’s still a personal best 🙂

4 thoughts to “Jinglebell run”

  1. i think it’s one way to attract attention. so out with those hot hot hot shorts, cos for sure, you’ll get them looking! 😉

  2. The temperature was around 3C that morning. Anyone hanging around looking for people in hot hot hot shorts would have been very disappointed!

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