World Vision counter

World Vision counter

This evening, Marvin and I, were World Vision volunteers at the Third Day with the David Crowder Band concert at Lehigh. As volunteers, we had to get there early (4.30pm), go through a brief orientation, don an apron and a name tag, and hold on to some WV’s child sponsorship materials.

Before the concert started, we handed out small cards to concert goers to fill in and drop into the orange bucket. Once the concert started, we could settle down to watch the concert (for free).

During intermission, a lucky draw took place (from the orange bucket) and one very fortunate person went home with a Third Day pack (3CDs and 2 DVDs). At this time, I had to hold up a child sponsorship packet and walked (more like climb up the bleachers) along the aisle. If anyone is interested, I explained to them what this is all about and help them fill up the forms. Sponsoring a Hope Child (children living in AIDS/HIV ravaged countries) costs $35 a month and sponsoring a Children of Gulu (war children of northern Uganda) costs $20 a month.

After the intermission, settled down again for remainder of the concert. Just before the show ended, we had to wait in the concourse area and once again holding up the child sponsorship packet. I managed to sign up one Hope Child sponsor and one Children of Gulu sponsor.

Then when the place started to clear out, we returned the apron and materials, each grabbed a World Vision pen as a souvenir and headed home at around 9.30pm.

All in all, a very enjoyable and meaningful way to attend a free concert.

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