Heat wave

I’m in the air-conditioned computer room and I’m surprised there’s noone else here. Right now at 6.20pm the temperature outside feels like 36C and it has already cooled down a little. When I was driving to the therapy center, the temperature was around 41C. And since the A/C in my car is not working, the temperature must have been much higher inside the car.

Nothing much has been happening lately. I’m still going for my 3 times a week thumb therapy. This week I’m also involved in some data collection for the research grant that I’m working on. So I’ve been doing a lot of driving, lots of practise. I have not been out running due to the extreme hot weather, so no practise in this area.

I have less than one month till the start of the fall semester. I’m planning a day trip to New York City and a Musikfest concert in Bethlehem.