Facing extinction

Apparently I’m one of the dying breed of international graduate students here. I used to think that grad students from developing countries must be people of limited means. Well today I met a Chinese student from Mainland China who used to drive a slightly “old junk” car. When he told me he sold his car, I thought perhaps he needed money as his wife is about to have their first baby. Boy..was I wrong! He sold his old car because he bought a new car. A 2006 RAV4.

“Did you pay by installments?”

“What’s installment?”

“Meaning you pay a certain amount each month”

“Oh no, I paid by cash”

“And how much does a new RAV4 cost?”


Oh my $22,000 cash, that’s a lot of money. Oh well, judging by the number of nice new cars parked along Duh, no wonder the university is cancelling more and more shuttle services. The U used to provide hourly shuttle services to the main campus on weekends but they cancelled that. Gas too expensive. The U used to provide a once-a-week bus service to the mall, they cancelled that too. Gas too expensive, low ridership. And I’m one of the few low-riders..hahaha. Since all bus services from Duh has been cancelled during the weekend, I’m basically stuck here all weekend.

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